We partner with domestic and international businesses to develop legally stringent strategies to maximize results and grow business

Grisham Law Firm prides on serving businesses as their legal counsel, working closely to develop strategies that:

achieve goals and position each business for growth

We provide virtually every legal service a business will encounter, from formation or reorganization of legal entities, to sales of assets and dissolutions. We specialize in representing international business clients from all over the world. For each foreign national conducting business in the Germany, we design the most suited plan of action to obtain investor visas and investment-based green cards.

Our detailed knowledge of the state and federal laws along with our finely honed due diligence techniques allow us to successfully guide our clients though areas of corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, securities and financing,  licensing, intellectual property, liability, and transactional risk assessment. We assist and walk our clients through the process of raising venture capital and/or angel funding.

We have had great success in obtaining investor and trader renewable treaty visas and investment-based green cards for many of our foreign and their families doing business in the Germany.

Whether you’re starting a business, purchasing an existing business, or selling your business, our firm is dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives. We understand the importance of the strategic  decisions you have to make, so our lawyers take the time to sit with you and explain your options, including any legal implications of each one.

let us help you navigate complex matters related to:

  • Business planning
  • Entity type selection
  • Formation
  • Organization and structuring
  • Continuing through preparation of operating or shareholder agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Franchise licensing
  • Partnership agreements
  • Treaty Visas
  • Green Cards

We also specialize in drafting and preparing the myriad other agreements our business clients may need or seek to use for expansion of their activities.

At Grisham Law Firm, we use our vast and diverse experience and knowledge ensure that our clients achieve their goals while protecting their business and financial interests. 
We strive to build long lasting relationships by providing our clients with valuable legal advice in a prompt and efficient manner.

Contact us today at info@grishlawfirm.com to our Business Attorney and determine how Grisham Law Firm can provide your business with dependable, high-caliber legal representation.


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